A straight married couple became a same-sex one and Singapore’s famous efficiency broke down – Quartz

A straight married couple became a same-sex one and Singapore's famous efficiency broke down
While Singapore does recognize gender changes, it does not recognize same-sex marriage. However, the law governing marriages, called the Women's Charter, states only that marriages that did not take place between a man and a woman “at the date of …

Man found guilty of sex assaults in ‘gifted’ girls case – CNN International

CNN International
Man found guilty of sex assaults in 'gifted' girls case
CNN International
In their pleas, the Stoltzfuses acknowledged that they knew Kaplan was having sex with their eldest daughter. Daniel Stoltzfus testified that he had also "gifted" his wife to Kaplan "in hopes of strengthening the Stoltzfus bloodlines," according to the
Man, 51, kept six young sisters as sex slaves after they were 'gifted' to him by parentsMirror.co.uk
Bucks County man Lee Kaplan convicted in 'gifted' girl sex assault case6abc.com
Lee Kaplan guilty on all sex-abuse counts in 'gifted' casePhilly.com
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Australia Plans to Revoke Child Sex Offenders’ Passports to Combat Sex Tourism – New York Times

New York Times
Australia Plans to Revoke Child Sex Offenders' Passports to Combat Sex Tourism
New York Times
Julie Bishop, Australia's foreign affairs minister, and Michael Keenan, Australia's justice minister, spoke Tuesday about new legislation that would prohibit registered child sex offenders from leaving the country. Credit Lukas Coch/European Pressphoto …
Australia Plans To Deny Passports To Child Sex OffendersNPR
Australia Plans to Revoke Passports of Child Sex OffendersBreitbart News
Australia Seeks To Block Pedophiles From Leaving Country For Child SexHuffPost
CNN –Quartz –RT –Minister for Foreign Affairs
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‘We all started having sex:’ former student in Destrehan teacher trial – NOLA.com

'We all started having sex:' former student in Destrehan teacher trial
The former student at the center of the Destrehan teacher sex trial took the witness stand Tuesday (April 25) to testify about the sexual relationship he had with Shelly Dufresne when he was her 16-year-old English student. The now-19-year-old detailed
Teen victim takes stand in sex case against ex-teacherWWL
La. teacher accused in sex case used alternate Facebook accountNew York Daily News

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These are the most dangerous sex positions for a man – and boys they could cause THIS horrific injury – The Sun

The Sun
These are the most dangerous sex positions for a man – and boys they could cause THIS horrific injury
The Sun
Think sex, and sexually transmitted infections might jump to mind. But for men, there is a much more unpleasant-sounding risk – a penis fracture. In certain positions a bloke's pride and joy can actually break, with victims of the most barbaric of sex

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