Hardcore Or Softcore; Which Do Your Prefer?

Like any other human being in the world, the only person whose viewpoint I can express firsthand is my own but within this article, I am going to assume that the majority of people are not into “hardcore” content and that for them, only mildly stimulating images will do.

Such people will be satisfied with content that is sexually implicit, rather than sexually implicit. This includes, for instance, scenes of people flirting with each other and using euphemisms such as accommodation, doddling and jinking. Many webpages have whole lists of such euphemisms; see, for example the webpage www.thoughtcatalog.com. Scenes of scantily-dressed couples in bed embracing, kissing, and making erotic moans also make for good material to satisfy the average adult viewer.

However, sexual content alone, especially if too much emphasis is placed thereon, is never enough to make a high-quality movie. A study done by BP News three years ago reveals that 85 percent of all movies released from 1950 to 2006 have some sexual content. The challenge in creating such a movie, therefore, is to think of a fresh new way of portraying a given sexual act.

I definitely would not recommend certain types of erotic content for anybody of any age. I have seen some graphic material on the many TV programs that I have watched, most notably those in the CSI franchise, and they included some pretty gory stuff; there is one episode, for instance, in which feces was used (the details I am thankful not to remember). Of course the CSI franchise is not meant to be watched by those seeking sexual satisfaction but rather by those who enjoy police drama. One of the best sex movies (at least that I have ever watched) is Love and Other Drugs, co-starring Anne Hathaway. The movie is rated R, so it’s a bit more titillating than something in the PG-13 realm. This movie is made for adults only to watch.

It is important that when deciding to make sexual content of any kind available online, one must be concerned with preventing minors from being able to access it or even come across it by accident. This type of material should be kept in a locked file which is accessed only by a password that is not available to minors. Sexual education should be taught in the home, not by strangers on the internet.

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