my lesbian experience

One of the most challenging experiences I have ever encountered was finding a man I thought would love me for who I am. Someone that will make sense to me to make things life move forward. I never thought that I’m able to be with someone who makes me feel comfortable and happy. I thought I would never find someone who will take good care of me, but then someone came and proved to be the true meaning of love and joy.
Becoming a cheap escorts is my way to move on. after a heartbreak that I went through with a man, I decided to fly to the UK and become a London escort. The agency that I joined was amazing, the staff and girls were so friendly and welcoming and I quickly settled in. There was a woman who worked as an escort on the same days i had scheduled to work so I spent a lot of time with her at the office.

She was very good at her job and always offered help and advise when we would speak. We became close and I started to have stronger feelings for her which was weird for me as I didn’t know that I was attracted to women but when she is beside me another level of happiness comes over me and I just can’t help my feelings. Being a London escort also allowed me to meet lots of people in my life. I have met different people with different experiences but none like her.

The day has come when I finally found someone that change my perspective in life. I never knew that it would be this happy spending time with her. It is not your typical love story because she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The love that I felt for this woman is uncontrollable, and I can’t explain it. I don’t know why I think this way, but I’m sure about my feelings. I met Clarissa and when you first see her, you will never know that she is a lesbian. She is beautiful and sexy, no wonder she a top London escort. When I am with her, I feel whole.

I can’t believe that I have fallen in love with her. she started to flirt with me and show signs of love. Clarissa knows that I’m always here for her and I know that she is there for me. Whatever happens, the love that I have for this elite London escort is something special. this woman is someone that I am not afraid to move forward with.

As a London escort, it put a lot of happiness in me along with this girl who is everything that I could ever have. It was a different experience at all. As a London escort being with her is the one that made my life worth living. She is the one who never gave up on me but loved me with all her heart. Being a London escort allowed me to find this love that I have now. I’m so glad that I made a great decision to become a London escort because if not, I would never be in a relationship with a lesbian.

Sometimes when my lesbian partner and I are on a date, there are some rude people that gave us those look. Those despicable look, that they feel they don’t approve of our relationship, but I cast those aside since, I have no problem making love with a lesbian as long as we were both in love and happy.

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